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Certified Passive House Triplex

An efficient and diverse urban housing development located in Victoria pursues Passive House Certification.

Intensification is the process by which urban neighbourhoods add density through infill development. Laneway houses, suite conversions and subdivision are examples by which single family properties grow to meet the changing needs of a maturing city, while maintaining their character and charm. 

This project enabled a young family to build their dream home by redeveloping an underutilized urban property. The Owner's wish-list included enlarging the existing home with a garden suite for extended family, a new, three-bedroom revenue suite and an accessory workshop. The residences were designed to target Passive House certification.

The Owner's were extensively involved in the design and construction process and became certified as a Passive House Consultant over the course of this project. An integrated approach including the Owner, Architect, Structural Engineer and Contractor collaborated on the design and the involved approvals process for the homes. 


Mark Ashby Architecture - 2019

Contractor: Interactive Construction

Photo Credit: James Jones Photography

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