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Image by Cory Schadt

Naay Kagandas 

BC Housing Rental Housing

75 units of affordable rental housing, proposed in 6 unique buildings, create a context specific housing development for the Old Masset First Nation.

The Saving House Society and Haida Health Authority are currently working with Fold to design 75 units of affordable rental housing for their Nation in beautiful Haida Gwaii.   


The development is comprised of 6 different building types; two apartment blocks comprised of one bedroom and studio units, 18 units of row housing, two different single family oriented detached houses, and a unique approach to ground-oriented independent living for the Nation's Elder community. 


The proposal meets the tight qualifications typical of BC Housing funded projects, while integrating culturally relevant programs such as outdoor gathering spaces for celebration  and ceremony and space for food procurement, preservation, and storage.  The development is pursuing Step 4 energy targets. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 8.20.03 PM.png

A strong cultural example of the project is embodied in the Elder's Complex.


This unique building provides 25 single level, ground oriented studio and one bedroom units, placed in two rows facing each other, between a landscaped courtyard. Anchored by a community-oriented amenity space, entrance totem, and outdoor fire ring, the complex promotes resident interaction, through garden, walking paths, and many points to rest and reflect along the way.  


Creating opportunities for relationship building between residents while maintaining various levels of privacy was an important aspect of the project, as well as retaining a feeling of independence for residents by having individually accessed units.

courtyard sketch.png
elders elevation 2.png
elders elevation.png
courtyard elevation.png
elders floor plan.png

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materials 1.png

Due to the remote nature of the site, the development is being designed to be site constructed or pre-fabricated.  Each building addresses the Pacific coast conditions of the island; providing whether protected circulation, long wearing, standing seam roofs, and integrated landscaping to manage stormwater.

Each unit is positioned to promote user health and comfort, focusing on passive solar gains, fresh air from both sides of every unit, and outdoor spaces designed for both privacy and community building.

BC Housing requires a limited, and budget-friendly material palette, which we intend to use in strategic and unique ways to emphasize cultural and design intent.  Cedar, a culturally relevant material with a strong history for the Haida First Nation,  is being proposed alongside the required BC Housing material pallet, to connect people to place, and engage local craftspeople in the creation of their community.

mens elevation 2.png
mens elevation 2.png
Suite Plans_mens .png

Fold Architecture Inc. 2021 

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