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Hwul’a’mut Housing Concept Design 

50 units of affordable rental housing, conforming to Step Code 4 and BC Housing standards.

The proposed building is a tiered, 4 and 6 story apartment block. providing 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom units to residents on reserve in beautiful Burrard Inlet.  4 levels of housing face north towards Spa-ath Rd to provide a lower, street-oriented elevation. 6 additional storeys are set back from the street, oriented towards the forest, taking advantage of the sloping site and views south.


The scheme required an efficient approach to site usage,  optimize housing, parking and energy performance while reserving space for future housing developments. As a result, units are serviced through a double loaded corridor, two exit stairs and a double car elevator. Some units have the opportunity for private, ground oriented access to accommodate families. 



3 bedroom units are located on corners of the building, 4 bedroom units are ground oriented, at the rear of the building. 2 and 1 bedroom units share centre, demising walls. 1 bedroom units are located on the upper levels of the building.


The building's form steps back from street to minimize vertical planar surface along roadway. The design employs passive design principles, through its form factor, thermal bridge reduction, window design, and approach to shading and solar management.

Parking stalls, bike parking, mechanical, and unit storage are located under the building, and at grade at the south side of the building. 

site plan.png
parking 2.png
parking 1.png

A key driver for the proposal was providing surface parking, reducing the high costs of excavation and utilizing the sloping site to provide a balanced 'cut/fill' grading plan.

The building is clad in fiber-cement panels, with juliet balconies and fin shading devices to manage solar heat gain. An optional, common outdoor area is proposed on the roof of the 4 story block, to promote community and provide additional outdoor amenity space. 

The ‘staggered’ design of balconies, fins and awnings creates movement and playfulness in an otherwise simple, budget focused facade.  

fin diagram.png
screen diagram.png

Fold Architecture 2021

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