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Fold Architecture Inc provides exceptional service to exceptional clients in coastal BC.

Architects provide an essential service that assures buildings are built responsibly for the safety and health of occupants and the environment. We work closely with our clients to establish the spatial and programmatic elements of each project, and ensure the projects unique values and goals  are woven through the resulting work. 
Architects then detail the design and coordinate the work of specialists who design structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.  Throughout construction, architects assess the work in progress, and resolve problems that arise along they way, with the Contractor and Owner.
Creating a great building is hard work.
We do it because it matters, but we also do it because it’s fun.

Our services_



Feasibility and Design Consults

Good design starts by asking questions. Feasibility work explores the goals, objectives, and contraints that underlie every project. We collect data, undertake research and rapidly test ideas. The result is the “basis of design;” a foundation of information on which to drive the project forward with confidence. Not sure where to start? Start Here.

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Custom Homes

Every home represents the vision, values and needs of the homeowner. We specialize in designing spaces that embody these characteristics, optimizing performance and livability. We blend these tangible qualities with the emotional qualities of a space, making each home as unique as it's Owner.



Multi-Family Residential Developments

Everyone deserves a dignified, affordable and healthy home. We design market and non-market buildings  in both rural and urban contexts. Like all our work, residential projects reflect our commitment to the environment through smart design and consideration for the current and future needs of the residents. We specialize in the unique challenges of infill housing on complex urban sites.



Commercial and Tenant Improvements

We help Clients navigate building and development regulations, coordinate the work of specialists, and identify opportunities that will benefit your business, creating spaces that enhance your business and represent your brand.  Our process connects brand identity, functional programming, efficient systems, and high-quality workspaces, designed to optimize productivity and health.

Space Planning


Passive House Technical Consulting 

We are committed to building a high-performance future. To do this, we offer support services to assist developers, architects and builders with any project targeting the stringent Passive House energy performance standard.

Renovations in Progress


Energy Efficient Retrofits

Reducing our environmental footprint starts with keeping buildings and materials out of the landfill. Retrofitting existing buildings prepares them for the future while maintaining a connection to their past.  Fold applies a holistic approach, combining structural and building envelope expertise with building energy modelling to design a strategic retrofit plan that suits the building, site, budget and occupancy of each building.

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